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.character information
.full name: Captain Marissa Faireborn
.universe: Transformers Generation 1 Cartoon
.affiliation: Earth Defense Command
.status: Alive

.alt mode: (Not a robot)
.abilities: Captain Faireborn is a military officer of the EDC, with apparent military training and demonstrated skill in basic use of Cybertronian-Earth hybrid computer and communications devices; use of warp gate technology; marksmanship; martial arts; zero-g maneuvers, with or without jetpack; and witty banter. She is capable of operating EDC Cybertronian-based craft including shuttles and spinners, and by extension some Quintesson craft. Marissa also has rather limited ability with formal dance.
.weapons: Marissa is equipped with a hand-held null-ray blaster (evidently reverse engineered from Decepticon technology); other personal equipment includes a digital wristwatch, jetpack, armored EDC space suit with helmet and air supply and Class A and B EDC Uniforms.

.personality: Marissa has spunk, spirit and moxy, to the annoyance of her foes. On the job, she is serious, and professional. She is capable of assuming command of a situation, rallying a team, or negotiation between hostile parties, with her practical, non-nonsense style of Leadership. This is not to say Marissa doesn't know how to have fun. She's been known to pull a prank, when she thought someone deserved it. She also tends to show nervousness in romantic situations, when she does not have training to fall-back on.


Captain Marissa Faireborn

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